Scavenger Hunt

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Saturday, Scavenger Hunt & Shenanigans

Beloved has time to help gather the things for Miss Chaos' next big adventure weekend via school. We might also have the time to do a Bottles and Tinnies run because the bags of Stuff are threatening to overtake the dang carport.

I may also find the time to repair the Kitty Cam like I've been gassing about for the past firkin week. Stop laughing at me in that tone of voice.

Currently doing all the other things whilst on Max. IDK if the Procrastination Fairy will make me desire Factorio over Content, but we shall see.

It won yesterday.

It may win again.

But I still have a story to share, so that is that.

Saturday, Day 0, Scavenger Hunt - kind'a sort'a

Three new cases, all imports. We have twenty-nine active cases, fifteen of those are in hospital. That's fourteen with the potential to wreak havok and I have a run-around to do today. Huzzah.

The run-around? Well, I got roped into helping out with the Positive Behaviour Learning program's fun day and I have the job of tracking down and pricing sources for all the great ideas we had. Whee.

I'm doing a lot of googling so I'm not looking at the news.

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