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Challenge #03003-H080: An Honest Mistake

These havenworlders were marsupials and, as such, it was not unusual to see a tiny head poking out of a specially modified set of ship skins from time to time. When the human said she was expecting, her spouse was excited, but the havenworlders were confused that the humans politely turned down the offer for a modified set of skins with a pouch opening. -- DaniAndShali

It was hot news on the Trembling Whisker - the Ships' Humans were reproducing! The pair had announced after passing the first of their danger periods, which explained why Human Til had been so frequently nauseated lately. So the Humans said. The full mysteries of Deathworlder biology were not for the faint of heart. Companion Fris had gone as deep as she dared, and the rest was up to Medik Bruis.

There was one thing that every expecting parental needed. Companion Fris had one printed in Human Til's size with plenty of room to stretch. Some pairs of Ships' Skins pants, with a pouch allowance. So the little one could poke their head out when the mood suited them and greet their community. Dressed up with some other essentials, like little blankets and tiny clothing for the imminent young. Humans appreciated gifts for eventualities like that.

Human Til was looking exhausted, when Human Bel answered the door chime. "Growing a new Human is hard work," said Bel as he accepted the gift. "Look, hon. Love gifts." Human Til, slouched on the couch in loose clothing, was looking singularly unimpressed with life in general.

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Challenge #01913-E089: They Do What Now?

The rise of the mammals, primates such as humans included, was something of an evolutionary fluke. The world was dominated by proto-avian, likely feathered behemoths before the rise of the mammals. What if humans were the only mammalian species to evolve "cogniscience", and mammalian species are otherwise quite rare? Reptilian, avian, cephalopodic, or insectoid life might be far more common. Aliens must find humans quite odd. -- Nani

It's almost natural for newly spacefaring species to be egocentric. They are, after all,

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Challenge #01736-D275: Children Are...

“Are you a parent, by any chance?”

“Nah, but years of observation have given me all the tricks I’ll ever need and the resolute determination that hell no, I don’t want to deal with my own little terrors.” [Name] shuddered. “Kids are great. When they aren’t mine, that is.” -- RecklessPrudence

In days of yore, the oldest daughter was always considered a prize of a wife. She was already accustomed to looking after everyone else, and doing a majority

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