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Challenge #02546-F356: The Piracy Solution

The incidents of piracy were dropping dramatically since humans came on the scene. It wasn't that noticeable, at first, but it soon became ever more apparent. The fighting prowess, and sheer terrifying ferociousness, of humans in battle was considered a part of the issue, but the odd thing was, many pirates were now giving up piracy for more honest, and often more profitable, trades. And almost always it was after tangling with humans. A study now was being conducted. Were humans, with their combat skills, to blame for this? Or was it their ability to pack-bond with all other species? Or was something else at work here? -- Anon Guest

But many a king on a first-class throne,
If he wants to call his crown his own,
Must manage somehow to get through
More dirty work than ever I do
-- Ancient Human Opera concerning piracy [AN: Thanks to elyrics.net ]

The Galactic Alliance is not an empire. Not exactly. The problem with empires is that they have to keep expanding their borders until they become too big for one centralised organisational structure to manage, and therefore fail and fall as all empires must. It is, however, a loose conglomeration of interstellar polities who have decided to put aside the various means of combat in favour of swapping cool things with each other in a system of mutually assured assistance.

It's amazing how many Human polities have trouble with this concept. They're Deathworlders. They can't help thinking of things in terms of who has the biggest and most fearsome means of destruction ready to hand. Fortunately, there are plenty of instances of self-sacrifice being the ultimate noble act in Human lore to gently remove any fingers from any associated triggers.

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I just figured out why they really hate torrents

I figured it out, while watching Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood. The thing about most available media is the inherent advertising. Commercial breaks. The incidental advertising, the brand of the icons the media provides.

Thing is, ever since we started getting our media through torrents [mostly because we can’t get the media where we are] we aren’t as exposed to the commercials as everyone else.

All torrented shows clip the adverts.

The kids don’t know

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Come on Hasbros

Your show, and its associated toy line, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic have been out for more than a year.

Selling stuff to girls should be important to you.

Not just important-in-america-important. Globally important.

You are doubtless aware that your show has gone viral. You know that people everywhere are clamouring for your product.

I, personally, would love to own legal copies of the show. And give legal copies to my friends and family.

Alas, that cannot be.

Just like the

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