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Come on Hasbros

Your show, and its associated toy line, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic have been out for more than a year.

Selling stuff to girls should be important to you.

Not just important-in-america-important. Globally important.

You are doubtless aware that your show has gone viral. You know that people everywhere are clamouring for your product.

I, personally, would love to own legal copies of the show. And give legal copies to my friends and family.

Alas, that cannot be.

Just like the pitiable collection of MLPFiM toys here in sunny Queensland, the video racks at the shops are kinda sparse.

I mean, I’d love to make some people vomit by subjecting them to Twinkle’s Merry Christmas Adventure or whatever the hell, but I want the cool ponies. I want Ms Faust’s ponies. On DVD or Blu-ray. I’d prefer Blu-ray, but it has been kinda slow to take off.

My money is sparse, this year, and I want to spend it on things of worth.

Such a pity that your marketing department is asleep at the wheel.

Come on, Hasbros! It’s Cashmas! The time of year when every capitalist’s withered heart beats pit-a-pat at the thought of wringing every last cent out of Mr and Mrs Average Householder. You should be pumping product out every-damn-where.

But no.

All I have are foot-wide sections in the Pink Aisle with Talking Baby Cheerilee and Walking Baby Pinkie Pie. And one DVD in the kiddie’s section with saccharine-overload specials of yesteryear.

If I was you, I’d be marketing the living shit out of MLPFiM as fast and as far as physically possible.

I must have more marketing genius than thou.