Modern Medicine

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Doctor's

I need the superior painkillers because Cyclone Season is upon us. Western Australia got the first one, but Queensland's overdue for the second one.

I'm out of those things I need and the prescription is needed for more.

So I might be a little late with getting the nonsense out in the world today. Stay tuned to my socials.

Meanwhile, I shall be working on the stuff for Tale Foundry. Reviews and kudos to everyone who did something neat.

Maybe you'll find some interesting authors there. Take a peek.

Very slightly annoyed

Following yesterday's rant about Modern Medicine and how it likes patients being sick, I got a little bit more information about how things went.

The only alternatives available in the early 70's were (a) powdered formula that was probably mostly sugars or the wrong kinds of fats, and (b) canned milk. Neither of these did me any good. And, as far as I'm aware, the knowledge about the benefits of goat's milk came by random happenstance.

One article in the Lancet can

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