Very slightly annoyed

Following yesterday's rant about Modern Medicine and how it likes patients being sick, I got a little bit more information about how things went.

The only alternatives available in the early 70's were (a) powdered formula that was probably mostly sugars or the wrong kinds of fats, and (b) canned milk. Neither of these did me any good. And, as far as I'm aware, the knowledge about the benefits of goat's milk came by random happenstance.

One article in the Lancet can change lives. For me, it was a benevolent study about goats, their milk, and how it was (and still is) better for infants than the typical fare. In the 80's... some wanker published one that pretty much ruined our chances of running Measles into extinction.

One Lancet article that got ignored because unprofitable versus another from the same magazine that caused near global hysteria because apparently Autism is worse than preventable child death.

Yes, I am still salty about that dickhead Wakefield. I will remain salty about him until the end of my days.

Anyway... faith in Modern Medicine has to be used with a sprinkle of salt, verified data, and huge sample sizes. Regardless of market profit. It's our duty to filter everything we hear from Modern Medicine through our own investigation into the real facts. And if everything that agrees uses one bad study for all its conclusions, you know those conclusions are erroneous.

Researching crap is my lifeline. It's normal for me. For those of you who aren't used to wandering down the rabbit hole, the trick is to look up all the sources and note what their sources are. In the case of anti-vax hysteria, the thousands of anti-vax papers all source Wakefield's bogus shit study because nobody on the planet has been able to repeat his results.

Meanwhile, the thousands of pages about goat's milk, LCHF, and other beneficial things to try have lots of people who've been replicating results and doing lots of different studies and analysis. It's the difference between going in circles and going out on different branches that also tend to go the same way.

And don't worry if the language is overwhelming. Nerds like me usually supply easy-to-read graphs to support the findings in their walls of text.

I find it boggling that people just have faith in what they're told and don't go googling that shit.