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Challenge #01705-D244: Hope You Guess My Name

You can have what you want, But you also have Everything that goes with it. -- Knitnan

He'd heard it all. Money, fame, power. They all inverted on themselves once they got it. Money came with taxes, of course, but it was also a form of power that corrupted. Those with the kindest and most generous hearts, once they had money, got to watch any offspring they had turn into egotistical, self-centred, heartless jerks. Those with fame never had a private moment to themselves again. Those with power... well. They had to use it and not abuse it. Those people ended up walking on eggshells through sheer responsibility.

Lucifer smiled as the next suspect edged into the interview seat. Op shop clothing. Glasses thirty years out of style. A general air of ennui that could easily find itself on the top of a tall building, or staring, speculatively, into a bottle of pills. This was exactly the downtrodden sort who he could easily imagine snapping after the final straw and killing a man like Victor Norman. Who, before his demise, had been one of Lucifer's favourite types of people.

So he asked his one question, "What do you want?" and put his special Spin on it.

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Challenge #01233-C138: Offensive Material

Last "Satan Reacts" for now: (pdf of the book here. I encourage you to look at it. If that's down, most of the pages are shown in this news article. Please take note of the words in the jumble and word search, and then consider Satan) -- RecklessPrudence

Obviously, the scene was staged. Whoever did the staging wanted it to seem like the local chapter of LaVeyan Satanists had done the deed. They had littered

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Challenge #01191-C096: About a Monumental Hypocrisy

Another "Satan Reacts": -- RecklessPrudence

[AN - a note for my Theistic followers in the YHWH section of the stadium. LaVeyan Satanists are actually a group of atheists who are hell-bent (sorry) on exposing Xtian hypocrisy when it comes to separation of Church and State in the US. They are Satanists in name only. The same way most Xtians are Xtian in name only, especially when it comes to teachings like "love thy neighbour" or

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Challenge #01135-C038: One Stressful Evening at a Comicon

And some people have non-standard "Heart's Desire". -- Knitnan

The suspect was identified as "One of them weirdo robot people" so Officer Decker had gone for the simple expedient of rounding up anyone who even looked like they could be a robot... and then asking the witness to pick them out.

So far, Chloe had eliminated all of the Homestuck trolls because the witness said, "Nope, none of 'em had horns."

Smart money was on the very twitchy one in the red

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Challenge #01116-C019: One Relatively Quiet Evening by the Lake of Fire

So... how does Satan feel about this? (Couldn't find which of the people I'm subscribed to posted this, so I Googled it - have a random blog!) -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Take a look at these rules. They're generally along the lines of "respect other people" for the most part. Also, if you actually look at biblical Lucifer in the Old Testament, he's not actually all that evil. Heck I don't think he even did that

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