Challenge #01135-C038: One Stressful Evening at a Comicon

And some people have non-standard "Heart's Desire". -- Knitnan

The suspect was identified as "One of them weirdo robot people" so Officer Decker had gone for the simple expedient of rounding up anyone who even looked like they could be a robot... and then asking the witness to pick them out.

So far, Chloe had eliminated all of the Homestuck trolls because the witness said, "Nope, none of 'em had horns."

Smart money was on the very twitchy one in the red dress and the cheap wig. But they had to do this by the book.

Lucifer was already way ahead of Chloe and her witness, Mr Devereaux. Chloe could hear him asking his trademark question to each and every weirdo in the line.

Why anyone would bother going to a concert in costume and makeup was beyond her.

Lucifer reached the twitchy 'robot'. "I like the dress. So fancy. Why are you so rusty, though?"

"Oh, I'm old. And I-and I need repairs."

"And what do you want most in the world?"

The twitchy 'robot' took a deep breath. "I want the skill and talent to pay for the things I love and the time to enjoy them. I get the feeling that sort of thing is not on your menu."

"That's it?" said Lucifer. "Not money. Not fame. Just enough appreciation for what you do to pay for that which you love. That's... boring."

"Thank you," said Smart Money. "I've worked hard on working it out."

"And why are you twitching about like that?"

"I saw somebody die, sir. It's this or scream and carry on, and I'm sure that won't-won't-won't be appreciated."

Lucifer said, "Ah," as if the light had dawned. "And what do you do?"

"I write stories. Lots of them. I can't stop so I might as well sell them, right?" Another deep-lung sigh. "Pity nobody wants to pay for them."

Later investigation would reveal that the freak in the red dress had ASD and was completely harmless. Or, as Lucifer put it, "She's a herring."

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