Challenge #01191-C096: About a Monumental Hypocrisy

Another "Satan Reacts": -- RecklessPrudence

[AN - a note for my Theistic followers in the YHWH section of the stadium. LaVeyan Satanists are actually a group of atheists who are hell-bent (sorry) on exposing Xtian hypocrisy when it comes to separation of Church and State in the US. They are Satanists in name only. The same way most Xtians are Xtian in name only, especially when it comes to teachings like "love thy neighbour" or "love the sinner" or "forgive the trespasses of others" or "judge not"]

Lucifer was walking in circles with his hands over his head, again. Judging by the incoherence of his ramblings, he had been having this particular tizzy for some extended time.

Lilith sighed, "Is it those Satanists, again?"

"You wanna know what I just learned? I just learned that they're not really worshippers! They don't follow me at all! They don't follow anyone!"


"So they're acting under my name, erecting monuments for my cause... and they don't believe in me?"

Lilith wrapped him up in a soothing embrace. "There now. It's not that bad... Just think about how many of the other lot don't really follow your father."

"Yes, but that lot are more on my side, spreading hate and misery... and narrow-mindedness. And spite. They're making the world worse in His name. And I know He has to hate that."

"Mmm?" prompted Lilith. "So this group are...?"

"They're almost a nul-sum game. They're exposing wickedness, which is His department, and they're also promoting me. But they're doing it for mischief, rather than good intent... But they don't believe..."

"Lawful Neutral," said Lilith. "You could probably lead them down a path of wickedness if you so chose..."

"That's the easy part. Getting them to believe in something... that's more difficult."

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