Damn it...

I've been meaning to get the Flu shot for a few days, now. Scheduling and my own scattered brain have frequently got in the way. And now it might be verging on too late because I think I'm getting a lurgi.

Scratchy throat, general feeling of nausea, mild aches that could also be me growing old. And a constant feeling of fullness that is in direct conflict with the fact that I have not eaten very much at all.

Seriously. I had my default meal of one small tin of seeded mustard mayo tuna, two slices of pumpkin-seed toast, and a coffee. As well as my numerous supplements. Ever since that, I have not been up to the full snuff. Beloved brought home some delicious snackables, and I only picked at them.

I had a cup of vegemite soup for something to name honourificly as a meal, that night, but the willingness to eat solid food still eludes me.

Fortunately, I have enough to get myself some juice and ginger ale. It's worked before at curing my ills.

UN fortunately, I have to wait an entire firkin hour before I can rattle off and acquire that libation.

Meanwhile, I'm getting full-on anxiety attacks which could also be a contributing factor to the aforementioned nausea. I won't know until I start working to fix myself up.

But before I get on with that, I should do something productive with my time.