Challenge #01190-C095: The Journals of Terry Six

that one with the regenerating species got more added - a misunderstanding with a much happier result -- Gallifreya

Taken from Journal of Observations: Human reproduction:

There is an ancient Terran song, one of the ones that is hard to get out of the mind-space after it is introduced. There is a refrain within it, Ob la dee, ob la da, life goes on, rah. La la, how the life goes on.

My name is P'terii'CH!altath'q'voqq Six. The humans of the vessel Endeduanna Akkad have taken to calling me 'Terry Six' or 'P'terii' as an eke name. As I understand things, eke names are verbal tokens of friendship.

I am alone, but I have friends. I am lost, but I am finding much. I am learning new and startling things.

My previous incarnation learned much of the damage humans can endure and survive. The humans know of this and joke that they are 'space orcs'. My research into this subject has been... disturbing. I have put the dangerous material behind sufficient access locks, as time with the humans has toughened me.

My previous incarnation had learned of human death. They survive so long because they die completely. That is a hard lesson to learn in person, as my recent re-incarnation suggests.

Five was so traumatised by the learning... I was born.

I still have two best-humans. Unique and Bob. Mary Davinport, the former incarnation's third, had her body shipped home. The new hire is Danik el Fadil. I am told to call him Mister Dan.

Human eke names never cease to be confusing.

The female best-human Unique has been mating with Mister Dan. Frequently. There is no season for mating, no time, either. Their behaviours have been noted and logged in my archives and make for interesting perusal.

I have also learned the true meaning of 'private time', see Confusing Human Sayings Appendix IX.

Recently, Unique has made a sad announcement. She has six months to live. She has told me that she is having a baby without the laying of eggs. I have seen no signs of usual human trauma, which suggests that Mister Dan caused something internal with his aggressive touchings.

I am being especially kind to best-human Unique. She is still exhibiting mating behaviours with Mister Dan. And has told me to be kind to him as well. I will endeavour to be polite, at least. I am fond of Best-human Unique. I do not like to think of the hurting.


Suspicions of internal damages confirmed. Best-human Unique continues swelling in her soft abdomen. I theorise that the young will emerge from her body when that abdomen splits.

I do not know what to think of this.

The humans around Best-human Unique continue to behave as if this is a good event, when they are not behaving as if all is normal. They see I am disturbed and repeatedly offer to show me educational videos of the birth process.

I do not wish to see. I do not wish to know how the last hours of Best-human Unique will go. I know that it will cause much pain before the ending.

I do not understand why she is happy.


It is after the birth. I do not wish to meet Best-human Unique's replacing child. I do not wish to go to funeral. Oddly, the humans have not invited me to this. They have invited me to meet the new one.

Remaining Best-human Bob insists I go. Best-human Bob has offered to help me understand.

They keep telling me that they do not do what I do. It is hard to believe.


Humans most definitely do not do what I do. Best-human Unique lives! Child is not replacing incarnation. Child is continuance of mixed genes. Gestation is internal, and birthing through prepared orifice.

I have since watched and attached the least-offensive educational video in Dangerous Knowledge Appendix CVIII. Birthing is not without discomfort and pain, but is something humans endure.

Attempts to convince humans that egg is much better convenience are met with merriment.

New humans are small and helpless. They do not have the strength to move about for themselves until much time following birth. They must learn many things, and must graduate towards true omnivorism via a series of nutrient concoctions. It begins with natural lactate from the birthing parental, through soft pastes, to fine chunks, and finally to more mainstream selections.

Humans must be licensed to reproduce in enclosed environments like stations and vessels. Why they are not licensed on planets is a question that eludes an answer. Surely, adequate training and assessment is vital for fragile baby humans to survive.

I asked, but all I got was agreement.

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