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Challenge #01233-C138: Offensive Material

Last "Satan Reacts" for now: (pdf of the book here. I encourage you to look at it. If that's down, most of the pages are shown in this news article. Please take note of the words in the jumble and word search, and then consider Satan) -- RecklessPrudence

Obviously, the scene was staged. Whoever did the staging wanted it to seem like the local chapter of LaVeyan Satanists had done the deed. They had littered the landscape with satanic material from that church... but had neglected to crack open the covers.

Lucifer had to chuckle. They'd used lots of material aimed at children. Sure, they'd dressed up the covers a bit. And one particularly evil-looking tome was one hundred copies of a big bumper fun book for very little kiddies. He paged through the issue with the least amount of blood on it. Giggling.

Chloe Decker rolled her eyes at him and growled under her breath. "Must you?" she sighed.

"Oh I wouldn't worry. They used stage blood on this one. It's all about the smell." flip, flip, flip. "You know what bothers me most about the LaVeyan Satanists?"

"Other than that they're not really Satanists?"

"They're doing good things in my name. It's not fair. They say they're spending their lives in my service and then they end up going to my Father. They're doing more for tolerance, patience, peace, love, and mung beans than any of his followers..." he sighed and closed the tome. "The only plus side is that it must also be annoying Him at the same time."

All this earned him was her typical look of exasperated disbelief. "Really," she deadpanned.

Lucifer surrendered at this point, and ferried one of the alleged tomes of evil to a CSI documenting evidence. "I'm particularly taken with the colouring-in panel on page thirty-five. And as for the covers, it's amazing what you can do with the right materials. I'd be looking for someone with some experience in stagecrafts. Ameteur dramatics, cosplay, prop manufacture... that sort of thing. Oh, and someone not fond of doing their homework."

The techie taking photos flipped the book open and found nothing associated with the more traditional satanic rituals. "They only gave Cerberus one head..."

"See?" said Lucifer. "Nobody does their homework any more."

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Challenge #01191-C096: About a Monumental Hypocrisy

Another "Satan Reacts": -- RecklessPrudence

[AN - a note for my Theistic followers in the YHWH section of the stadium. LaVeyan Satanists are actually a group of atheists who are hell-bent (sorry) on exposing Xtian hypocrisy when it comes to separation of Church and State in the US. They are Satanists in name only. The same way most Xtians are Xtian in name only, especially when it comes to teachings like "love thy neighbour" or

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Challenge #01116-C019: One Relatively Quiet Evening by the Lake of Fire

So... how does Satan feel about this? (Couldn't find which of the people I'm subscribed to posted this, so I Googled it - have a random blog!) -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: Take a look at these rules. They're generally along the lines of "respect other people" for the most part. Also, if you actually look at biblical Lucifer in the Old Testament, he's not actually all that evil. Heck I don't think he even did that

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