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Challenge #03334-I046: Satan's Cobblestone

A human kid sneaks into unlocked Havenworlder quarters and leaves little hand-made gifts behind, carefully folded pieces of origami neatly secured to the tops of colorful bookmarks. -- Anon Guest

[AN: This is dangerous for an assortment of reasons and I will be going into a lot of them here]

A serial invader had finally been caught in Passthrough Station. The shocking part was that they were aged seven. Therefore, the first thing out of Security's mouth was, "You're old enough to know better!" Followed shortly by, "What the flying flakk?"

The seven-year-old Wyn Techie had huddled up like a pill-bug in hir chair. "...w's tryin'a do somethin' nice," ze mumbled into hir knees. "It's only flimsy. It's harmless."

Officer Ru audibly winced, trying not to let their anger rise. "Flimsy is still a porous substance. You folded everything by hand, didn't you?"

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Challenge #03309-I021: A Creeping Affection

She viewed him as a friend, though at first he was just an annoyance. She saw he had learned so much and was willing to open his mind, and not just act like all the other human men she'd known before the Wish sent her here. Maybe, one day, they could become best friends, for in her view he was starting to feel more like having a lunkhead, if but a very kind one, of a brother, little by little. Maybe, one

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Challenge #03287-BONUS013: Material Affection

He made the blankets to show how deeply he cared for the crew he served with. They got together to think of a way to show how they felt about him, things he may enjoy, that made him happy. They'd gotten to know him well over the years. But they didn't want to buy him something. Like his gifts to them, they wanted to make him a gift from their hearts. -- Fighting Fit

"We got

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