Challenge #03287-BONUS013: Material Affection

He made the blankets to show how deeply he cared for the crew he served with. They got together to think of a way to show how they felt about him, things he may enjoy, that made him happy. They'd gotten to know him well over the years. But they didn't want to buy him something. Like his gifts to them, they wanted to make him a gift from their hearts. -- Fighting Fit

"We got you something," said Companion Dyosh. There was a cluster of Havenworlders holding a suspiciously large and festive container. All of them were also very suspiciously pleased with themselves.

"What are you little skinks[1] up to?" Juude couldn't help but smile.

"For many thanks out of staying with us," said Captain Friss. Their grasp on GalStand was not as strong as it could have been. "We making this for you."

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