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Sunday, Limited Beloved Time, and PLNs

Because limits, Beloved has to return to Adorable this afternoon. It has to do with her laptop, transportation thereof, and the logistics surrounding such. Followed by having to take it to work, tomorrow.

So this afternoon, I shall be taking her to the train station so she can get where she needs to be.

I've seen the scar where the doctors cut her open to install the hardware. That's a very impressive line. I doubt she's going to get a second one so she can have the hardware removed.

Not unless we start jet-setting around the globe on my book tour extravaganzas. Lol. Like that's going to happen.

I went for a nap and gave myself a panic attack with what should have been a comforting power fantasy. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with my head, but this is a doozy.

In an hour or two, I might actually be able to take that nap I need.

In the meantime, I work on my offerings.

New Limits

In a valliant effort to save my diabetic Beloved from a sugar overdose, I threw myself onto half a tub of unexploded Häagen Däazs Strawberry and Cream ice cream.

I am paying for it now.

No puffy fingers, thank goodness, but I am having an asthma flare-up that will likely end in a dose on Max. OR it's Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season and the sugar has exacerbated an attack.

::mumble:: and I gained another half a kilo or so. Whoops.

Mayhem threw

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