New Limits

In a valliant effort to save my diabetic Beloved from a sugar overdose, I threw myself onto half a tub of unexploded Häagen Däazs Strawberry and Cream ice cream.

I am paying for it now.

No puffy fingers, thank goodness, but I am having an asthma flare-up that will likely end in a dose on Max. OR it's Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season and the sugar has exacerbated an attack.

::mumble:: and I gained another half a kilo or so. Whoops.

Mayhem threw up in the night, but he wants to go back to school. I'm wondering if he hasn't been suddenly possessed by a very motivated otherworldly force. I'm not about to exorcise it, but I love to see it exercising.

I made my start on B'Nar early. Typical of me. I haven't got much further than my now-typical This is space... Which I'm going to insist on doing until at least five books in the bookstores.

Once you've got a good start, you can get to the end eventually. Ten months is a long time.

Meanwhile, I sought out TOR and found out they don't want novels. So :P on that idea. However, there's a bunch of publishers that don't need agents to handle your shit. Yay. I shall be looking them up later on in the week.

Thanks to this weekend's financial shenanigans, I only need remove $40 from the bank so I can pay the cleaners. And I should have petrol moneys left over. Fingers crossed. Powers That Be know that I have enough vegetables in the fridge to spoil a horse into believing they've gone to horsey heaven.

We have half a pig, a significant fraction of cow, a significantly diminished fraction of sheep in the freezer, and an entire hogget happening next week. We're SET for protein.

And now it's time to set up y'all for some story.