I'm Run Off My Arse

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Charging off again.

This time, I'm running about because (a) I found my iWatch after months of searching and (b) the thing's been on its charger for days and yet (c) just won't frelling take in any power.

So I have to make a pilgrimage to the nearest Apple store [Chermside] and hang around until someone deigns to see me about the bloody thing.

On the plus side, I guess I can price a new compy while I'm there. Even though, at the current rate of income, it's going to take me a century to save up.

And now it's time for me to stake out for Chaos' bus. At least I get some art done while I wait.

I didn't wanna...

Didn't wanna get up, but I got up.

Didn't wanna organise the kids, but I organised them.

Didn't wanna get going, but I got going.

And now I don't wanna do the brat run, vinnies run, two hours of cleaning and unfucking, instant story, blast scheduling, one thousand words, and the Patreon stuff. But I gotta do it anyway.

This weekend promises to be some form of interesting. We have a bigger skip to fill and the shit scattered on the patio

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More running around

This time, it's for me. I'm finally checking my blood for all lipids after literal months of procrastination.

Also getting medication.

After that, I have to find out what's happening with the skip, because the one that we got yesterday is already full.

And there's still literal piles of garbage in our yard.

I have no idea what we're going to do about that.

I am whittling down the things we're donating one load at a time during the brat run. If

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