I didn't wanna...

Didn't wanna get up, but I got up.

Didn't wanna organise the kids, but I organised them.

Didn't wanna get going, but I got going.

And now I don't wanna do the brat run, vinnies run, two hours of cleaning and unfucking, instant story, blast scheduling, one thousand words, and the Patreon stuff. But I gotta do it anyway.

This weekend promises to be some form of interesting. We have a bigger skip to fill and the shit scattered on the patio is on our agenda. After that, all the unfucking belongs to my dear beloved sweetheart.

I'm nearing the end of the bags from the garage, and then it's on to the last of the surplus wash baskets. Looking forward to the day when I will be D-O-N-E with the donations run.

Also looking forward to the day when there aren't boxes of my Beloved's crap all over the place. But that's a long time down the road.

Not planning to animate anything, today. I'm busy enough.