More running around

This time, it's for me. I'm finally checking my blood for all lipids after literal months of procrastination.

Also getting medication.

After that, I have to find out what's happening with the skip, because the one that we got yesterday is already full.

And there's still literal piles of garbage in our yard.

I have no idea what we're going to do about that.

I am whittling down the things we're donating one load at a time during the brat run. If I can just keep ahead of the laundry and the dishwashing, then I have the house 95% unfucked.

The remaining 5% is shit my Beloved has to plough through.

Oh, for a weekend when nobody else needs us so we can spend one day on consecutive tip runs.

And we still have small piles of things scattered around the house that need a place to belong. BUT... compared to the literal mountain of crap I just got rid of? That's tiny beans.

Brat run/Vinnies run starting soon. Story after I get back from having my veins plumbed.