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I figured it’s half-past time I did a little bit more self-promotion. Bear with me.

I’m writing a story a day. Every day. They can be in fandom or in my pet universe. And since I’m also involved in the fic wars, I’m doing my utmost to tug at my readers’ heartstrings at the same time.

For the fandoms, I am into:

Star Trek [I will have a go at writing ANY incarnation of Trek]
Doctor Who
Girl Genius
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
The Vorkosiverse… and pretty much anything by Lois McMasters Bujold

One story a day. Every day. Inspired by prompts from you. If you look in my feed, you’ll see that I keep count of how many prompts that I have left. Test me. See what I can come up with.

Challenge #00142: One Fine Day in Transylvania Polygnostic....

’…y'know what, etching “YOU’RE WRONG!” into the surface of the moon with a giant laser, without specifying exactly who was wrong about what, could be freaking hilarious.’

“Settle down, Snapcase,”

“This is theoretical mechanica, not theoretical mass psychology. Save it for the right forum, Snapcase.”

“And don’t say anything in front of Fozdyke. He’s a plagiarist.”


“Well, you are…”

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Daily Opus: Challenge #00092: Long Green

Daily Opus: Challenge #00092: Long Green



X-Men:Evolution/Girl Genius crossover. Perhaps Forge's dimensional tinkering goes awry yet again? I'd be curious to see as to how you'd do it.... :3

Somewhere outside of Mechanicsburg...

Gil was cold. This was not a surprise because he was in the middle on the very pointy mountain range that was…

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Is it working?

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