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Challenge #04046-K028: A Portentious Offer

My name is Vizmo, and I am a god-king of cats. Gentle Wraithvine, I offer you a gift for your furry friend, Lilbit here. That they remain youthful and healthy for as long as you live, and breathe their last when you, yours. In this manner, even in your darkest, saddest, moments, you'll never be alone. -- The New Guy

[AN: Y'all really don't like the idea of the cat passing on, do you?]

Live long enough, they say, and you will see everything. Before this moment, Wraithvine hadn't known that animals had gods or kings. Now there was one of both. Allegedly.

Ze squinted. Ha! Not a god or a king. One of the Faekindred disguised as an otherwise common cat. Ze remembered hir grandren doing similar tricks, back before Elvenkind restrained their powers.

It was a decision of a moment, but Wraithvine let Vizmo keep their ruse.

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Challenge #03557-I268: An Overdue Appreciation

Death is used to the living fearing them when they come to take the living to the next world. But this living being, as they lay waiting for Death's hand to take their pain away, holds out a simple silk flower, enchanted so Death may hold it close. This being's way of saying thank you. For in the end, Death is usually the kindest being of all. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I am using everything in my power to not steal Sir

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Challenge #03185-H276: Divine Intervention

Poor Kevin. Due to the nature of his fate, or perhaps destiny and prophecy had decided to be particularly interesting, a new bow showed up one evening as everyone slept. It only worked for Kevin, each time he pulled back, an arrow forming. The arrow type depended what was on his mind and in his heart, from healing ones that, when striking an ally, healed their illnesses and wounds, to deadly ones. He shot in anger into the trees after someone insulted

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