Focus Issues

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Highly Distractible

I've had my meds. I've had my caffeine. I've fed the cats. I've harvested and fed my sourdough starters.

...and I'm still watching vids on YouTube.

I still have to publish an episode of Inter-Mission and that will be coming soon. Patience. I need to focus, I need to unfuck the house, and I need to at least make an effort towards filling up my buffer.

Of course, my gremlin brain has gone on to wanting to do a different creative project. I've done the writing part, but I need to acquire India ink to do the writing part.

It'll make sense eventually. Maybe.

I still have to do things and get stuff. Like... we already have India ink, but it's lost because someone put it away and doesn't remember where it is. Whoops.

Easiest way to find something is to purchase the replacement.

Just... not yet. I don't want to go out and get stuff.

Not Getting the Hang of Thursdays

So the recycling collectors were hellishly early today. Causing me to have to do an urgent bin-run twice because I couldn't recall which week was recycling week.

My knees hate me now BTW.

I am more distracted than a kitten in a discotheque, this morrow and things are going S-L-O-W-L-Y as a direct result. With Mayhem sick at home with yet another Lurgi, it's looking like a lovely day to just... give up on doing anything productive.

But I'm not going to

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I'm lernding!

That was one of the more amusing cries of Ralph Wiggum, famous example of a kid who's fallen through the numerous cracks in the US education system.

I kind'a feel for Ralph whenever I try to cram new things to learn into my fluffy noggin. Especially things that I thought would be easy like:

Creating a podcast using GarageBand to merge and edit and mess with assorted completed sound files.

Yeah. Turns out that that's not a thing you can do.


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