Highly Distractible

I've had my meds. I've had my caffeine. I've fed the cats. I've harvested and fed my sourdough starters.

...and I'm still watching vids on YouTube.

I still have to publish an episode of Inter-Mission and that will be coming soon. Patience. I need to focus, I need to unfuck the house, and I need to at least make an effort towards filling up my buffer.

Of course, my gremlin brain has gone on to wanting to do a different creative project. I've done the writing part, but I need to acquire India ink to do the writing part.

It'll make sense eventually. Maybe.

I still have to do things and get stuff. Like... we already have India ink, but it's lost because someone put it away and doesn't remember where it is. Whoops.

Easiest way to find something is to purchase the replacement.

Just... not yet. I don't want to go out and get stuff.