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Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress and Mountains

Plague news: Three new cases, all local. One hundred and Fifty-five total active cases, Sixty-three in hospital and one's in the ICU.

Beloved conquered a mountain this morning. Not the physical kind, the mental and emotional variety. My love and support has mattered the most and there was an emotional blowout. Love and support is one hell of a drug.

It's their thing to share with the world at their own speed.

Mountains are hell. Most of the metaphorical mountains are stress. You spent a lot of your time looking at the peak and fighting the ice bears of potential rejection, aggression, et cetera. Sometimes the mountain is just as tough as you think it is. Sometimes, you climb that slope to conquer the next obstacle and... the door was open the whole time.

It's a thing. I've had my mountains, and Beloved is understandably exhausted from this one. It was pretty huge.

I have a new keyboard with all the buttons I like to have, and it's loud as hell but I don't care.

Still battling with The Perfect Headset Mic. I tried to do the whole "Headphone jack" system and -yeah- that doesn't work with my build. The terribad old-school foam disc speakers are the comfort I desire and I am completely buggered trying to find those little shits.

On the other hand, if the headphones I like to wear to listen with had a mic, I would be over the firkin moon. There was an auxiliary mic, but the little SOB wouldn't work unless I physically held it near my mouth :P not great for streaming when I need my hands free.

The news that reached me:

  • NSW has literal hundreds of new cases
  • Der Governator has called out the USA to get the jab
  • Borders shut for Xmas
  • More on vax side-effects
  • People are fighting anti-vaxxers. At. Fucking. Last.
  • Climate Change is getting locked in and the inaction continueth
  • Orientation and identity left out of the census
  • Tech giants band together to influence Australia. There is no way this can NOT go evil
  • Police looking into a woman who may or may not have faked being a doctor. Yeeks
  • Is your QR history reflecting who you really are? WHO CARES?

Argh. Onwards to Wordpress and the rest of my nonsense.

Okay, I think we might all need a bit of a break...

Darkfic can be… intense for many.

Yeah, yeah, I know some folks find darkfic hilarious, but I don’t know anyone who laughed at any darkfic I’ve written. YMMV, etc. etc.

It was strange for me, re-reading all of that and riding an emotional rollercoaster of my own making. Especially since I was in a personal emotional trough at the time.

Don’t worry, it’s over now.

But I did learn some very important lessons:

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