The Feels

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Damn I'm good

I posted another chapter of Babes in the Woods this morning and got eight comments on it before I settled down to this blog. For limited definitions of "settled down". And seven of those eight comments are all about the feels.

Which is firkin GREAT for a writer.

It's good to get feedback. It really is. Even if it's something like:


Because realtalk - writers firkin love this shit.

So if you love a writer's writings, leave a little love note. Even if it's a keysmash. Because keysmashes are love, too.

The struggle is real

I'm halfway through beta-reading KIABIL's novella. And to be frank about it, it needs a lot of work. I'm trying to be gentle about it in my notes for him, but...

This thing REALLY needs work.

I joke that I'm addicted to ellipses. Well, KIABIL freaking loves the humble comma. It's almost like every paragraph is a long and complicated sentence that is peppered with the things. But I'm only halfway through it. There could be improvement in the other half.


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Okay, I think we might all need a bit of a break...

Darkfic can be… intense for many.

Yeah, yeah, I know some folks find darkfic hilarious, but I don’t know anyone who laughed at any darkfic I’ve written. YMMV, etc. etc.

It was strange for me, re-reading all of that and riding an emotional rollercoaster of my own making. Especially since I was in a personal emotional trough at the time.

Don’t worry, it’s over now.

But I did learn some very important lessons:

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