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The struggle is real

I'm halfway through beta-reading KIABIL's novella. And to be frank about it, it needs a lot of work. I'm trying to be gentle about it in my notes for him, but...

This thing REALLY needs work.

I joke that I'm addicted to ellipses. Well, KIABIL freaking loves the humble comma. It's almost like every paragraph is a long and complicated sentence that is peppered with the things. But I'm only halfway through it. There could be improvement in the other half.

There's always hope.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting on my beta-readers to get back to me about Beauties and the Beastly. Thanks to me posting chapters on my Patreon I've found more minor errata than I care to count. But I still need picky readers to go through my shit and find all the mistakes.

You can see these chapters and many other things for as little as a dollar a month! Sign up now! Cough, cough. Spruik, spruik. Rattle the old tin can.

And I need to brave up and bring back self-shill Saturdays. Or self-shill Sundays. Pick a day on a weekend and just... advertise my fucking books. People won't buy what they don't know is there.

All I have is me and a $0 budget. So if you see my books being advertised anywhere, share it on your social media too. That would be a fabulous help.

It's hard to keep going when nothing great is happening for me. I just gotta keep doing it or I'll get nowhere.