Date Night

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Wednesday, Wordpress and Date Night

I'm due to add more angst juice to the tank over on Wordpress, and also due to pick up my Beloved this evening for another night of delights.

I'm back to reading a chapter of Adapting a day, and trying to read five chapters and do my Patreon was one heck of a workload.

I was worn out by the time I was done with my offerings for the day. At least today promises to be breezier.

I am about to commence with the continuing stuff and nonsense. Hopefully I have some fun along the way.


Wednesday, Patreon and Date Night

Beloved has therapy this morning, so I don't get to see her until this afternoon. I'm already dressed up fancy for the night.

IDK what we're doing since we're out of moneys. Quiet night in, mayhaps. But at least I look good for it.

It's been an expensive pay cycle, this time around. I feel guilty for not working harder to get my books ready for flicking at publishers. But I can only do so much at any given time.

I shall

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