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Challenge #03511-I223: Ready-made Weapons of War

Humans and Casuarids team up aboard an exploration ship. Powers that Be help anyone that attacked, because that was one ship that was every bit as dangerous to attackers as one filled with only humans. The humans, for the record, loved their time aboard, it was fun! -- Anon Guest

Everyone gets sick of the status quo, sometimes. The facts of life as they stand can get either dull or irritating. In the case of the Vorax raids in Edge Territories, it was definitely the latter.

Humans alone were enough to strongly discourage most Vorax from their usual tricks. The ace up the sleeve in this particular patch of the Edge, were the Casuarid.

They only looked like fragile avian Havenworlders.

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Challenge #02887-G330: Conflict Resolution Protocol

153: Pod 153 to Pod 042. How is it going?

042: I am embarrassed.

153: Why is that?

042: I launched a suicide attack, and yet here I am. Still alive. I must look very silly.

153: Do not feel bad about it. We are alive after all. And being alive is just a constant stream of embarrassment.

042: that concept is a bit too abstract for me to understand at this time. I will save in my list of things to

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Challenge #02810-G253: Remember Rule One

A new combat instructor was assigned to my battalion. If I remember the instructor is that of the human race. They were formerly introduced to us and to be honest I was not impressed. The human was only two-thirds my size and look squishy as a havenworlder, hard to believe that they’re from a deathworld. I was given the chance to spar with the human, I couldn’t even touch them. -- Anon Guest

Many hear a word like "Deathworlder" and

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Challenge #02720-G163: A Short Sharp Lesson

Have you even seen humans stomping their feet while chanting the same thing all at once? It’s sometimes hard to believe they’re not a hive mind -- Anon Guest

[AN: Video linked contains swearwords and is a war scene]

They said the Human colonists were sessile. They were weak and vulnerable. Look at them, not a single weapon in their entire set of settlements. They were fat and lazy. Allegedly. I learned, just as many of

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