Challenge #02720-G163: A Short Sharp Lesson

Have you even seen humans stomping their feet while chanting the same thing all at once? It’s sometimes hard to believe they’re not a hive mind -- Anon Guest

[AN: Video linked contains swearwords and is a war scene]

They said the Human colonists were sessile. They were weak and vulnerable. Look at them, not a single weapon in their entire set of settlements. They were fat and lazy. Allegedly. I learned, just as many of my unit did, that our leaders lied to us.

There is no such thing as an unarmed Human.

They took up tools for construction, random heavy objects, and blades for preparing food, and turned them against us. They organised in less than minutes. We thought their scattering was submission. They were only retreating to regroup.

We followed them to an open field they had marked for one of their games. Upright sticks marked opposite ends and some Humans had gathered at one side. They all turned towards us as one being.

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