Six Days Virus-free in QLD

I've been keeping tabs on Queensland Health's page about the cases in my allegedly sunny state1 link here. So far, for six days, there have been no new cases. I might actually get to relax very soon.

Won't that be nice?

In the news today, Victoria has had spikes left right and center. This is possibly in direct relation to all those idiots who wanted to open up when the plague was still raging, and then refusing to enact safety protocols when the first wave of spikes happened.

The protests are actually safer than the Muppet's rallies because:

  1. The rallies are indoors and nobody is wearing a mask
  2. All the protestors are wearing masks as an elementary defence against the illegal weapons the police are using
  3. The rallies are in a Covid hotspot

Also the Muppet says that a lack of testing is related to a lack of cases. Wow. What the actual fuck?

Also, K-pop fans and TikTok kids reserved tickets [without buying them] for the Muppet's rally and gave the illusion of huge crowds wanting to see this dictatorial blowhard bloviate. Thusly, only a few hundred actual fans turned up and -naturally- the Muppet's organisers packed them all together for the tight focus news shots.

Protestors turned up and the local cops opened fire "just in case" the protestors got rowdy.


It's Bus O'Clock. Time to try for 300 words.

  1. Name apparently to be changed later. There's some outcry about removing imperialist names from our maps, which is going to be very interesting if it goes ahead. What the hell are we going to call all the Queen Streets?