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Challenge #01899-E075: Foreign (First) Aid

What if Coffee was invented during beginning of Middle Ages (5th -6th century) and gave rise to a whole industry of potion makers? After all who says that it can't have much different effects based on how it is brewed? -- Anon Guest

Sometime in the mid-to-late 5th Century...

"This one is a powerful emetic. This one will purge the bowels," the potion-maker showed their apprentice differing vials that were near-identical shades of brown. "This one will strengthen the heartbeat, and this one will speed it up. They all come from the same plant. Where does it grow?"

The apprentice, an orphan named Cheese, stared dumbfounded at all of them. He was not, yet, allowed to use or make the things that Maester Nightsky created in his workroom. All Cheese was currently allowed to do was gather wood for the fires. Nevertheless, inspiration struck. "It comes from where your from. The blackamoor lands."

"Sudan," said Maester Nightsky. "I am from Sudan. And so are these plants. They are called Kafeha. And today, you will learn to tend them."

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Challenge #01815-D354: Complex Brain Chemistry

That first cup of coffee that finally gets your brain out of bed. -- Knitnan

Consciousness and cogniscence are two different states of being. One learns this quickly with a human in one's immediate vicinity. Folkax was still attempting to fathom it. The ships' Human was one of the ones with an irregular sleep cycle, and an even worse method of retaining wakefulness.

Human Ren would stumble out of their sleep nook with a complaining moan when they 'could not sleep anymore',

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