Challenge #01815-D354: Complex Brain Chemistry

That first cup of coffee that finally gets your brain out of bed. -- Knitnan

Consciousness and cogniscence are two different states of being. One learns this quickly with a human in one's immediate vicinity. Folkax was still attempting to fathom it. The ships' Human was one of the ones with an irregular sleep cycle, and an even worse method of retaining wakefulness.

Human Ren would stumble out of their sleep nook with a complaining moan when they 'could not sleep anymore', and groan all the way to the mess, where they were allowed to prepare their deadly theobromine solutions. Under a special hood that kept the hazardous vapours from everyone else. Once there, they would lean on things and mumble complaining noises until their steaming cup was ready.

The cup was something Human Ren had brought with them. It had a clear window in a line from the base of the cup to the top, and a series of demarcations running from, NO! to Now, you may speak. Which was the lowest line on the outside of the cup. It was an accurate device. Human Ren was not capable of rational conversation until their first cup of theobromine had been imbibed.

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