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Challenge #03339-I051: Ancient Human Traditions

I found one of your stories a few days ago, I've never heard of your work before and I have to admit, I'm hooked. Thank you, your work makes me smile when I am having a bad afternoon. I saw you want some prompts. So I have one.

Humans hold a New Year's party aboard ship with their friends. And it's a lot quieter than their friends feared it would be. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I am glad I make your day, Nonny. Perhaps you shall make yourself known in any of my varied internet forums? Be glad to see you there]

Terran New Year's: A celebration shared amongst Humans that usually involves artistic explosions. See reference file: Fireworks.

This was quite a bit different to what the infonets said it would be. For starters, the ships' Humans were not lighting any blue touchpaper. A lot of them were inebriated, many of them were wearing amusing spectacles featuring the Terran Common Calendar numeral as part of their integral structure[1].

The Humans had deployed amusing noisemakers with tassels or feathers, and now Companion K'tauk was learning all the intricacies of the "curlytoot".

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Challenge #01930-E106: Deathworlder Rituals

You can’t not look at explosions. -- TheDragonsFlame

There were warning signs up surrounding Unsuitable Food Eat. Humans celebrating inside. Small, harmless explosions expected. Fireworks warning. And a pictogram of sparks and explosions with an alert sign. Even the newest of Havenworlders to the Galactic Alliance learned that Humans liked to celebrate with sparking fireworks, loud noises, and shocking expulsions of streamers, as well as other loud noises.

And inside, was a typical Human party. Loud people. Loud accessories. Loud clothing.

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