Challenge #01930-E106: Deathworlder Rituals

You can’t not look at explosions. -- TheDragonsFlame

There were warning signs up surrounding Unsuitable Food Eat. Humans celebrating inside. Small, harmless explosions expected. Fireworks warning. And a pictogram of sparks and explosions with an alert sign. Even the newest of Havenworlders to the Galactic Alliance learned that Humans liked to celebrate with sparking fireworks, loud noises, and shocking expulsions of streamers, as well as other loud noises.

And inside, was a typical Human party. Loud people. Loud accessories. Loud clothing. And a host of very, very quiet spectators on the upper balcony. Some were wearing offensensitivity protection[1] and crews of Mediks were available for those suffering from distress. The sight of a curlytoot alone was enough to send some Havenworlders rushing off to emergency care.

And yet, many gathered to see the humans set a fire on top of food and sing their bizarre song. Just one of their many rituals that confirmed their species as insane. And some pondering the sanity of those who merely came to watch. Rael was not there as an observer. He was there as a guest.

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