Challenge #03339-I051: Ancient Human Traditions

I found one of your stories a few days ago, I've never heard of your work before and I have to admit, I'm hooked. Thank you, your work makes me smile when I am having a bad afternoon. I saw you want some prompts. So I have one.

Humans hold a New Year's party aboard ship with their friends. And it's a lot quieter than their friends feared it would be. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I am glad I make your day, Nonny. Perhaps you shall make yourself known in any of my varied internet forums? Be glad to see you there]

Terran New Year's: A celebration shared amongst Humans that usually involves artistic explosions. See reference file: Fireworks.

This was quite a bit different to what the infonets said it would be. For starters, the ships' Humans were not lighting any blue touchpaper. A lot of them were inebriated, many of them were wearing amusing spectacles featuring the Terran Common Calendar numeral as part of their integral structure[1].

The Humans had deployed amusing noisemakers with tassels or feathers, and now Companion K'tauk was learning all the intricacies of the "curlytoot".

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