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Thursday, Maybe Game Night and CAKE!

I had cake for breakfast. If there's any left by then, I shall likely have cake with/for lunch and dinner as well.

It's a nice cake.

The PLN today is more offerings, a night with VTTRPG and the rainbow crew. And snuggles and reads with Beloved.

I now have two fanfics in progress because firkin brain worms have me. My Patrons get to see those first.

Who knows? I might find time to finish up my project for All Hallows' Read.

I shall see how I do.

Techie Day

I'm flying off across Brisbane to visit MeMum and hit all her tech with a hammer.

I also have to do Self-Shill Sunday [since Saturday was spent solely on cooking] and the daily Instant and queueing up tomorrow's Blasts From my Past.

And of course my compy likes to freeze at random times during all of this noise, delaying everything.

The good news is that the new batch of "muffins" seems to be a success. If burned a little.

To this bread

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