Sunday, Streamy Shenanigans and Further PLNs

The game broke up early thanks to Player Participation Failure. People had places to be and couldn't participate in the shenanigans in progress.

We'll be oscillating between TaleSpire and Owlbear for a bit, so that's going to be interesting. I'll be keeping both open for that gameplay. I'll have to remember how to share TaleSpire maps again.


We will be experiencing technical difficulties. We just have to adapt.

Today, I do my story stream. Afterwards happens entirely dependent on my ability to nap during the day.

I will try to devote my brain power to Stencyl shenanigans, rather than reading chapters. Doing streams tends to blast my throat a little bit and all the cheering at Pride yesterday didn't help.

I need to rest them pipes for sure.

Tale Foundry has a new way of doing things. That's going to be interesting to adapt to henceforth. I shall find out how that works in due course.

BUT, once Tale Foundry is done, I shall be doing my story stream as per normal. Some things remain the same.

Further bulletins as events warrant.