Challenge #03919-J267: Good News, Bad News

One month later, we learned what has happened with the badly injured hand of the foolish, mainly due to the inexperience of youth, kobold friend of Wraithvine's. -- The New Guy

It had been a very rough month, with a great deal of Restoration spells expended on one Kobold hand. They were lucky they found a Cleric of the Dawn Lord in the area. Nothing like followers of a god of rebirth and redemption to heal Unwelcome People[1].

Pierce Boyle knew everything there was to know about healing, both magical and non-magical. The unfortunate nature of his name was something he weathered with good humour. "It was going to be Ignat Blaze but someone else had a better idea. Those who come to the temple in a basket tend to have worse luck with names than those who walk in on their own." He pressed yet another poultice gently into Gikka's palm.

"Aie, it stings," complained Gikka. She hissed and winced and tried not to flinch.

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