Sunday, Mother's Day

Today is the last Mother's Day I celebrate for myself. Rennie's Day, as I have just discovered, is the third Sunday of April. Could have been informed sooner, but... meh.

Beloved is taking over the accepting of Coffee Cups, gimcrack jewelry, and macaroni arts with beaming smile and that weird soft feeling one gets when the smols make a thing just for her.

Motherhood is many things, and one of those things is wearing a macaroni necklace like it's diamonds and feeling it.


Today's a fun day. We will probably be doing some variety of Leyland's Tour because visiting matriarchs and maybe a lunch out. THEN I have to at least nap before D&D game tonight.

I'm gonna sleep through most of Monday and I know it.

But I also have to hurry up and publish so I can potentially nap in the car. Yay.