Challenge #03416-I128: Walking Carpets

A human who hires out as a protector has two large, beautiful, Newfoundland dogs. They gets some very interesting looks both on ships and on stations. -- Fighting Fit

The Human entered the ship with two bears. Not teddy bears, actual ursine life forms. The fact that they were padding amenably at Human Hip's heels did nothing to reassure the crew of the Indigo Shamrock. Companion Ty almost scurried onto a high shelf from the terror.

"How is having Ursid pet?" she squawked in GalSimple.

"Not Ursid," said Human Hip as she petted one. "These are dogs." They were enormous. Almost the height of Hip herself. They were certainly more massive than her. Any minute now, she was going to say they were old softies, really.

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