Sunday, Mother's Day and Stream

I've been having fun with the VTTRPG's over the weekend. Call of C'thulu last night - our DM keeps turning us away from our goals, and me running Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

I added the threat of the eldritch influence to the Horn my players are fighting over. Hopefully, I can influence the story we're building to lean into my plot intentions.


I gave my Beloved an emotional overload, this Friday gone. Rainbow chat didn't help. The genderfucky group were talking over trauma and... yeah. A few too many stresses.

I still want to know what I did so I can fine-tune playing with folks' hearts in later books. Muahahaha.

All the mothers in my life have been wished a good day today. Made sure the kids did their duty, too. Achievement unlocked.

My focus today is downtime. I get my daily offerings out, including catching up with the fediverse meme. Thereafter, I spend my remaining hours in just chillaxing. Having fun however I whist.

Let's get on with that.