Challenge #04151-K133: Flying Free

An old, struggling, barge manages to dock with an Alliance station. The barge was widely reported as stolen from a deregger system. Who ends up tumbling out of it? Dozens and dozens of young individuals, especially kids. Who do they credit for being able to do this? The video they saw on the info nets. -- Anon Guest

When something's stolen from Deregger space, it's generally code for "destroyed for the insurance money". If it doesn't turn up in a sargasso, in the hands of pirates, or in an asteroid field, it might genuinely be lost forever.

Unless it turns up limping into Alliance space with a distress beacon blaring the instant it was legally past Deregger space.

Something, to use Human parlance, stank, and it wasn't the passengers crammed into that frail tin can like sardines. That had to wait for the forensic investigation, after the freighter and its passengers were safely decanted into a much better area.

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