Sunday, Game Nite

We're still two more days away from payday, and squirming our way out from under the meteor of bills that have had us more or less hostage this past couple of weeks.

Life gets expensive.

Late stage capitalism bites big wind.

Come payday, we can get nice things. I might even be able to pay for Jolie's three-figure dental bill. I already feel guilty about waiting this long to get it fixed.

I'm also running out of pre-made meals and we are going to have to do another meal blitz when shopping for veggies is the most expensive thing you can do now. We're still suffering for ScoMo's inaction on Climate Change and it sucks.


This afternoon, I shall nap before I commence the nonsense for Long Monday(tm). I lost all my stuff to lava, yesterday. I need to catch up or at least upgrade my stuff to Netherite.

I also have PLNs to start building my farms. I have tutorials to follow and an eventual semi PLN for the aesthetic of my base.

But first I write a story on stream. Still waiting for the prompt announce for that.