Challenge #03478-I190: Staying Up For Storytime

It's late at the Inn, but Vee can't sleep so sneaks out of the room to go down to sit by the fireplace and get some tea. The child of a family that's also visiting sits near Vee and asks her to tell a story about her adventures. -- Anon Guest

"You do understand that I'm twelve," said Vee. "Twelve-year-olds aren't expected to be Adventuring very much."

The kid, half Vee's age and full of fanciful thoughts, scowled at this. "But you're traveling with a Bugbear anna Wizard anna Ogre anna... uh..." he fumbled over what Amatu might be. "Demon-angel?"

"Don't forget the snake in the cage. He's the only one who's naughty out of all of them. The Bugbear's my uncle and his name is Rawr."

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