Saturday, teh PLN?

I need a wrist support now that I'm playing mouse-heavy games with my crew of international maniacs. Beloved might know where I can get one that has not been transformed into Anime Boobs.

I'm still calling it a tiddy rest. Because that's where my brain lives.

Today, I am actually going to learn how Unreal Engine works. Play around with it. If I can't make Kosh, I can at least make his brother. And then twiddle around somewhere else with the build to make Kosh.

I will at least orient myself around the software. Then perhaps finish a chapter of A Devil's Tale. I should be chambering but it's all passages and BLARGH.

Depends how brave I get about it TBH. And how much time I have to do.

I'm up to making farms in the Minecraft server that the gang and I are playing on, and I am excited to do it. I have a whole tutorial for it huzzah.

But before I do anything else, y'all need a story.