Sunday - Day Zero

Another one from Overseas, boo. Queensland has been 28 days without community transition and that should mean that we can walk around without masks, but... Whilst we still get incoming from OS, it only takes one dickhead to ruin it for everyone.

As more "travel bubbles" open up between the countries/areas with some firkin SENSE, the pressure rises on the willfully ignorant to gain a modicum of such.

In the headlines:

  • QLD's border policy pisses off plague vectors, but sells well in Queensland - shocker
  • US Karen calls cops on pet store for refusing to let her in without a mask - she walked away before she could be arrested and called the cops in the store the next day. Peak Karen
  • Muppet drops F-bomb on right-wing radio
  • Also lost the Nobel Peace Prize to some people who fed the hungry... boohoo for him
  • Muppet won't reveal if he's free of the plague, which should cause real fear in the people who are attending his rally
  • China planning to take over/obliterate Taiwan for some reason
  • Aussie house prices apparently crashing

In personal news, my Beloved shouted me a copy of Baldur's Gate 3 aka The $100 Character Creator. I'm going to spend HOURS attempting to create my current Tiefling even though he has to be a Rogue probably :P

Meh. Anything for a cool portrait, I guess.

I will also be attempting to create some other Interesting Things depending on my whims. Keep an eye on my Instagram lol.

For now, I must feed the kitties and then make you a story.