Challenge #02831-G274: Observer Effect

An extraterrestrial puts together a video showcase of human do-it-yourself and educational videos, open to the general public who wants to learn more about humans. They have even been smart enough to include offensensitivity warnings so havenworlders can avoid the appropriate films. Included in the film line up is:


Nailed it

Naked and Afraid

The Darwin Awards -- Anon Guest

[AN: Of the four listed here, only one is in any way instructional other than "learn from my mistakes lol". Real instructional videos would likely be YouTube ones like How to Bake That, Primitive Technology, polynesiancultural, and many many more]

Humans are great at creating entertainment. They're so good at it that the Archivaas are still attempting to classify lots of it. For instance, there is much debate as to whether Nailed It is a cooking, comedy, parody, or reality show. Many have argued that the classification of "reality television" is actually neither[1].

The Darwin Awards are negligibly verifiable, as most of them can be attributed to urban and internet myth. Nevertheless, Humans are not ones to ever shy away from an interesting story. The alleged docuseries Naked and Afraid seems to delight on how dependent on technology so many people have become. Primarily, many of these semi-instructional videos seem designed to derive amusement from the fates of the people in front of the camera. Nevertheless, that material is still valuable. Just... not for its original purpose.

"This is not an educational collection for explaining Terra," admonished Archivaas Thel.

"Possibly," acknowledged Companion Trainee Frep. "It is, however, an excellent educational collection for explaining Terrans."

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