Saturday -DAY SEVEN!

I may be forced to take my collected spondooly so far and get a new compy with which to work on. Last time's story-writing was interrupted by an unexpected reboot initiated by my extant machine. This is very scary beans for me. I'm hoping it's a one-off event, but this morning's slowness with literally everything is giving me a concern.

Coles had a major FUBAR in all of its computerised systems today, and a direct result of that is that plns to gather for a birthday party have been moved to the next week. Joy.

Speaking of FUBAR:

  • Muppet's family are having concerns about his treatment in regards to his ability to make rational decisions. Show me a time when he actually made a rational decision please
  • US Politics having an argument about an amendment to the constitution that could potentially be an attack on their favourite Muppet if anyone would care to admit it. What it actually is is a provision for when the "leader of the free world" has clearly gone off their gourd and should not be allowed sharp objects. IMHO the Muppet counts
  • Anti-lockdown folks in Victoria are sheduling yet another Unplanned Covid Outbreak For Which Nothing Could Have Been Done(tm)... otherwise known as a protest against their elected leader who's been doing everything to stop the bloody outbreak that protests like this firkin caused
  • Courts in France join Australia in saying that multibillion-dollar corporation Google should pay for the news they use
  • Yet another multimillionaire has been allowed to sail through quarantine by Queensland's illustrious Premier. I would have at least checked if they'd been anywhere within cooee of the Muppet and his pals
  • I will be celebrating the one-week mark by unadulterated self-indulgence

CritRole hasn't been on for two weeks, now. The fandom speculates that none other than Sam "Living Embodiment of Chaos" Riegel appearing behind a puppet alien(?) on a show called The Masked Singer. I would not put it past him.

TAZ has been filling that D&D gap, though. Great job, them. And FYI - I have already pre-ordered the Crystal Kingdom graphic novel from Barnes&Noble, thank you for asking.

Story very soon.

ADDENDUM - my usual work compy is officially Borked Beyond Usefulness and, rather than fork out $3K for a new iMac of dubious longevity, I have forked out $20 for a copy of iAWriter for the PC and have transferred my workday to a different screen. Whee fun.

Maybe if Apple steps up their reliability, I might wander back their way. I quit off of working on PC's because the irregular BSOD's made them unreliable. Now I'm quitting off of Macs because they're too firkin expensive to replace when they finally die. Around and around we go.