Stream Morning Shenanigans

Toastyglow is streaming this morning, but it's like an hour hence. Less than that since I just spaced out for like twenty minutes.

I made bread in full anticipation of taking a loaf to my mum. The day I baked it, someone in Queensland came down with the plague, so we're back on counting up from one.

Hello, day one. What shenanigans are in the news?

  • Muppet keeps claiming the plague is "going away"
  • Evidence to the contrary says there are more cases in the US than ever before
  • Muppet likely to claim solid scientific documented evidence is "fake news" [my call. Not actual news]
  • A nurse in Melbourne Hospital has tested positive, and they worked in the emergency department. This is potentially mondo bad
  • In Reasons Why A Parenting License Should Be A Thing, US authorities called in on an animal abuse case found a human baby in a dog cage. Remind me again why you think homosexual couples in a stable relationship shouldn't adopt?
  • Victoria has had another huge spike in cases
  • Kim Jong-un has been acting weirder than normal, leading to increasing speculation about his health
  • Conservation laws don't stop rich companies from destroying unique wildlife [Eat the rich...] If it was me, I'd stop logging completely and investigate farmed woods
  • Racism is not over
  • Scammers are posing as Auspost declaring that a parcel is at the depot and needs $2 as a final payment. Always read the destination URL carefully folks

Thanks. The world is still overloaded with suck. Wonderful. Makes me glad I'll be sleeping through most of today.

It's almost Stream Time now, so I shall attempt to create an Instant whilst I wait.