Saturday, Saturday!

::refrains from singing the entire song:: I'm having an indulgence day and, thanks to cyclone migraine, I'm also awake at just past midnight. Whee.

It's 2AM and I feel I've had enough faffing about. I need to get on with shit so I can spend all day faffing about.

Onward to the story and, true to my resolution not to stress myself out on the weekends, I am not paying any attention to the outside world. Fuck it. I gotta look after myself.

I do have some good news: They're improving on cultured meat. "Test tube steak" as it were. The first samples take three weeks and are thin as hell, but any start is a good one. There will soon be Vegan Beef.


Just remember - I called it firkin years ago with "tube grown" meats instead of the stuff from the farmed animals.

...I have to write faster.